Did You Get Hurt on the Job or on the Road?

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Have you received the report from your accident and noticed that it had some incorrect details? Hire Eye Spy Investigations to perform an auto accident investigation. We’ll get to the bottom of your case quickly to help you correct the report. You’ll know exactly what went wrong and can get the mistakes fixed with the information we’ll give you.

Are your employees not returning to work after they’ve been cleared by the doctor? We’ll look into the situation for you. Our team will gather all the information you need so you can build a solid case.

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We’ll hold your employees accountable

We’ll hold your employees accountable

Has one of your workers abused their insurance privileges by filing inaccurate claims? Do you want to know why an employee hasn’t returned to work? Hire Eye Spy Investigations to conduct a workman’s comp investigation for you. One of our investigators for personal injury cases will:

  • Monitor the times the individual enters and leaves their home
  • Document when they attend their medical appointments
  • Create a comprehensive file of the information and deliver it to you
We’ll watch them in two to three-day increments to monitor any suspicious behavior. Our special investigations unit will use secure covert cameras and devices to make sure we get accurate information. You’ll know all the facts once you read our report.

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