Do You Need Employee Screening Service in the Aynor, SC Area?

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Hiring more employees to grow your business is exciting, but you need to make sure you’re getting the right people for the job. The employment investigators of Eye Spy Investigations will give you the information you need before you continue the hiring process.

You’ll know whether a potential candidate is worth further consideration once you read our report. We’ll conduct a thorough background check to help you get the ideal workers you want to improve business production.

Contact us today to request a background check for employment in the Aynor, SC area.

Do you need notary services?

Do you need notary services?

Eye Spy Investigations is here to help. Whether you’re purchasing a home, providing powers of attorney or authorizing consent for your child to travel abroad, we’ll approve the documents to eliminate the risk of fraud. Whatever service you need, you can count on the private investigators of Eye Spy Investigations to help with your situation.

Hire our employment investigators for dependable public notary services in Aynor, SC and the surrounding areas.

We Offer Processing Services

Contact Eye Spy Investigations to learn more about our processing service. Our pricing depends on how many attempts we have tried to process the documents. Typically, we make 3 attempts. Give us a call today to learn more!