Many forms of abuse fall under the umbrella of domestic violence. In addition to hitting, shoving, kicking, slapping, and throwing objects, domestic violence applies to intimidation, domination, stalking, and other illegal acts.

Physical Abuse – Includes such physical acts as shoving, grabbing, pinching, hitting, slapping, hair pulling, and other acts that could cause injury. Denying medical care, forcing alcohol or drugs upon someone, and restraining them from seeking help are also considered physical abuse.

Sexual Abuse – Includes coercing sexual contact, rape (including marital rape), attack on sexual body parts, forcing sex following physical violence, and sexually demeaning another.

Emotional Abuse – Involves the destruction of a person’s self worth or self esteem. Acts of emotional abuse include name-calling, constant criticism, disparaging an individual’s abilities and talents, and damaging an individual’s relationship with his or her children.

Psychological Abuse – Involves creating fear and a sense of isolation and helplessness. Acts of psychological abuse include causing fear through intimidation, threatening to harm a spouse, partner, children, family, friends, pets, or self. Also, intentionally isolating a person from family, friends, school, work, and extracurricular activities.

Economic Abuse – Involves exerting control over another individual by maintaining total control of financial resources, withholding a partner’s access to money or financial assets, or hindering or forbidding employment or education.

While domestic violence is seen as a pattern of acts that constitute abuse, some acts are so malicious as to be considered criminal in and of themselves. These include such acts as stalking, intentional endangerment, criminal coercion, kidnapping, and unlawful or false imprisonment.

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